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About Us

Gemini Accident Repairs is proudly Australasia’s largest and leading accident repair business,repairing over 4000 vehicles per week.
AMA / Gemini operates by three simple principles.

Employ only the best people and develop them

Use the
latest technology

Use the
smartest processes

These simple principles result in a business that is rapidly expanding and has become the benchmark for the industry, worldwide.

Working at AMA / Gemini

A clear and single focus on delivering the highest standards of repair and customer service. AMA / Gemini is growing and we have many vacancies.
We’re after exceptional people. We promise to look after you. How?

  • Good pay and conditions
  • Job security
  • Training for all, not a selected few
  • Opportunity to progress your career
  • Opportunity to travel and work in many different locations
  • Provision of additional employee benefits
repair centres
job vacancies
repairs per week

Meet the team

meet Peter Bubeck, our managing director
Hi, I’m Peter Bubeck
Managing Director of Gemini.

I have always considered myself an ambitious, hard-working professional focused on the highest levels of quality and customer service. During the past 20 years I have both managed and owned automotive repair facilities. My passion for the industry has been instilled in me since a very young age and I have always maintained an appreciation for quality service and timely repairs. My responsibilities as Managing Director of The Gemini Group include the day to day operations of running the groups affiliated companies, staff development, strategy, setting and managing key performance indicators and company growth.

What do I believe in? What do I stand for? People who know me, know that I care for the people in the Gemini/AMA business. They are like family to me and that is exactly the way I want people in our business to treat it and each other. A job with Gemini/AMA is a journey, we offer security and career development if you want it. My vision is to lead The Gemini/AMA Group to be the collision repairer of choice for our employees, insurers and the end users in Australia and New Zealand. A business where customers prefer to come to, and where we love to come to work.

we have 1400 employees
all over Australia
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Who is Gemini?

The AMA / Gemini Group can truly be called Australasia’s leading repair network with repair centres throughout Australia and New Zealand. It comprises of a number of brands not limited to Gemini Accident Repair Centres, RMA Repair Management Australia, RPM Repair Process Management, Mr Gloss, BMB. GoRapid and Shipstone Accident Repair Specialist, each occupying a unique space in the repair industry. From rapid repair facilities for vehicles with driveable damage to traditional panels shops.

The AMA / Gemini Group has a simple philosophy, and that is to create and deliver the best standards of repair, customer service and efficiency which benefits its work providers and their customers.

The AMA / Gemini Group has developed many initiatives including the latest technologies, environmentally friendly products and new advances in repair equipment.

Some of the recent initiatives from within the AMA / Gemini Group in recent times include cutting edge software which allows for real time tracking of quality and the improvement of quality delivery.

The AMA / Gemini Group is an employer of choice in the repair industry and prides itself on developing its team members and is a leader in training of people entering the industry. AMA / Gemini has high expectations of the people working in its businesses and similarly provides excellent working conditions and career advancement opportunities.

AMA / Gemini is the leader in responding to the needs of its work providers in meeting their needs or creating bespoke solutions to help them achieve their commercial goals.

Our Brands

Why AMA / Gemini

AMA / Gemini is renowned for driving innovation and delivering an outstanding customer experience, and is the recipient of numerous customer service and industry awards.

AMA / Gemini leads the accident repair industry with initiatives such as

  • Next generation coaching program, bringing new talent to the industry
    and training them
  • Quality Charter, a tool to dynamically track quality and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Use of net promoter scoring to ensure we deliver what we say
  • Capital investment to support quality and growth
  • Support of charities
  • Active diversity employment that welcomes people of all types into our business

One thing remains at our core – people and team.
We are very supportive of each other, we care about the people in our business, we are proud of our culture.
Gemini is part of the AMA Group which operates a number of specialised automotive aftercare and accessory companies.