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Coaching the Next Generation

In response to the industry skills shortage within smash repairs and the ongoing high apprenticeship attrition rate within the industry.
The AMA / Gemini Group have developed a new approach to training that has never been done before.

The AMA / Gemini’s Coaching the Next Generation Program, has taken a longitudinal, two pronged approach focussing upon the tradesmen training apprentices and the apprentices.
We recognise that by simultaneously developing our tradesmen into ‘Coaches’ we will also fast-track the development of our apprentices.

The Panel Beating and Spray Painting apprenticeships have a nominal duration of four years, however, the AMA / Gemini Group have enhanced the traditional apprenticeship program to enable an apprentice to undertake an accelerated program and successfully complete their apprenticeship to industry standards within two and a half to three years.


  • Coach development program for tradesman to develop skills to maximise knowledge transfer to apprentices
  • Coach Bonus
  • Progression Bonus
  • Support from Mentor & Technical Development Officer


  • Accelerated apprenticeship (Can be completed in
    2.5 – 3 years)
  • Assigned Coach – dedicated to development of apprentice
  • Coach Profile provided so apprentice and parents know who is carrying out the training
  • High Impact Training Days (Additional training by SMEs on top of apprenticeship training)
  • Life Skills Webinars
  • Apprentice Benchmark Bonus

What is a Coach?

Similar to a football coach, the AMA / Gemini coach teaches and supervises an apprentice in a manner that draws out their potential and confidence, enabling the apprentice to become a competent and capable tradesman.
The coach will transfer his knowledge and experience to the apprentice during ‘practice’ or ‘training’ preparing the apprentice for the ‘big game’.
In order to become a coach, a tradesman must first demonstrate that he can consistently produce quality workmanship and achieve or exceed production unit targets, thereby ensuring they have the practical skills and know how. They will also need to be able to view an apprentice, not in regards to what they can or cannot currently do, but what they have potential of being able to do.

Founded on the experience of the Olympic Organisation, the AMA / Gemini Group’s philosophy to being a great Coach is as follows:

Understand the ‘sport’ and lead by example

In depth knowledge of the trade from fundamental to advanced skills. Know the rules and provide a simple structured environment for the apprentice to succeed. (Plan – Prepare – Rehearse – Perform –Complete)

Sponge for knowledge

Although know a great deal about the trade already, must continue to learn and develop new techniques. As well as stay up to date and informed of new research, methods, training, seek out tips from other coaches.

Shares Knowledge

Obtaining knowledge is important, but must also share the knowledge and experiences with the apprentice (and others).

Highly Energised and Motivated

Demonstrates a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the trade. Get the apprentice to believe in themselves.

Knows the Apprentice, Values and Respects that Relationship

Be aware of differences - Individualise the approach and communication to suit the apprentice. (One size does not fit all).

Effective Communicator and Teacher

An effective coach is someone who communicates well and exudes credibility, competence, respect and authority.

Good Listener

Part of communicating effectively is listening. A coach should welcome an apprentices comments, questions and input and modify training accordingly to ensure the apprentice ‘gets it’.

Disciplined, Strong in Character and Integrity

An apprentice must follow process (rules) to ensure quality and safety of the vehicles repaired. A coach must ensure the apprentice is aware of the rules and follows them.

Lead by Example with a Very High Attitude to Hard Work

An effective coach leads by example and will adhere to the same rules they expect of their apprentice. A coach that expects an apprentice to be positive and proactive, must too demonstrate these behaviours.

Displays Commitment and Clear Passion for the AMA/Gemini Group and the Industry

The best coaches are the ones that love what they do. They demonstrate a clear commitment to the apprentice, AMA/Gemini, the industry and can see the big picture of how they are not only shaping our youths into reliable adults, but also shaping the future industry.

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